...I couldn’t really hope to hear a more engaging, more deeply touching, and more understanding reading of this incredible music. Very great honour to the Aroha Quartet and to Andrew Joyce for giving us such a memorable experience....
(Peter Mechen - Middle C)
Donald Armstrong - Violin

Simeon Broom - Violin

Rachel Church - Piano

Ursula Evans - Violin

Alistair Fraser - Taonga pūoro

Joan Perarnau Garriga - Double Bass

Patricia Grace - Author

Ken Ichinose - cello

Hiroshi Ikematsu - Double Bass

Diedre Irons - Piano

Andrew Joyce - Cello

Dr Songwen Li - Piano

Jian Liu - Piano

Catherine McKay - Piano

Blythe Press - violin

Rowan Prior - Cello

Julian Raphael - Community Musician

Emma Sayers - Piano

Brian Shillito - Viola

Warren Warbrick - Taonga pūoro