Ursula Evans to replace Simeon Broom as Aroha Quartet second violinist

...Both muscularity and delicacy were made ours to relish...
(Peter Mechen, Middle C)

12 May 2017 - Simeon Broom, the Aroha Quartet’s second violinist, has stepped down. Simeon, who joined the quartet in 2015 when Blythe Press left for overseas, had already taken this year off Aroha duties after the birth of his second child. The difficulty of juggling family, NZSO and Aroha Quartet commitments has led to him making the decision to leave the Quartet.

Simeon fitted very well into the Quartet, making an immediate impact in our rehearsals and performances with his playing and with his sense of humour. We’re really sad that he’s decided to step down, but we’re glad that some of us will get to see him regularly in the NZSO.

We’re very pleased to announce that NZSO colleague Ursula Evans will be joining us on second violin in the 2018 season. Ursula began her violin lessons in Christchurch. After undergraduate study in New Zealand she undertook postgraduate study in Germany, later joining the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra. Ursula has been a member of the first violin section of the NZSO since 1991.