...The audience showed the visitors their deep-felt appreciation for an evening of exquisite music. The Aroha String Quartet made the evening unforgettable. (16 April 2013)...
(Audience Member, Palmerston North)

ASQ International Academy in Asia 2018 Opening Concert

We open our first ASQ International Music Academy in Asia with a concert in Zhongshan.

Sunday, January 28 2018, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Aroha String Quartet
arr. A Ke-Jian & Zheng De-Ren 又称陕北道情 , 阿克俭,郑德仁改编: Song of Emancipation 翻身道情
David Farquhar: Dance Suite from 'Ring Around the Moon'
Dvořák: String Quartet No 12 in F major Op 96 'American'
Huanzhi Li: Spring Festival Overture