...an irresistible amalgam of verve and deep feeling...
(Peter Mechen, Middle C)

An Ode to the Moon - Celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

A free concert of music from China & New Zealand to celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This concert is organised and sponsored by the China Cultural Centre in New Zealand.

Sunday, October 1 2017, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Aroha String Quartet
arr. A Ke-Jian & Zheng De-Ren 又称陕北道情 , 阿克俭,郑德仁改编: Song of Emancipation 翻身道情
arr. Xiao-Zhi Huang 黄晓芝编: Camel Bell 驼铃
Zhou Long 周龙: Eight Chinese Folk Songs 中国民歌八首
arr. Xiao-Zhi Huang 黄晓芝编: Happy Harvest 庆丰收
Anthony Ritchie: Whakatipua
Yuan-Kai Bao 鲍元恺: Three Folk Miniatures 小曲三首
Ding Shan-De: Reflection of the moon in the Er-quan spring 二泉映月(丁善德编曲)
David Farquhar: Dance Suite from 'Ring Around the Moon'
arr. Zhu Jian-Er & Shi Yong-Kang: The Whitehaired Girl 白毛女(施永康, 朱践耳改编)