...This was a most engaging performance, full of vitality, expressive intensity and a great commitment to the music, ensuring that the evening was a real joy for the audience throughout....
(Stephen Fisher, Manawatu Standard)

ASQ International Academy in Asia 2018 Opening Concert

We open our first ASQ International Music Academy in Asia with a concert in Zhongshan.

Sunday, January 28 2018, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Aroha String Quartet
arr. A Ke-Jian & Zheng De-Ren 又称陕北道情 , 阿克俭,郑德仁改编: Song of Emancipation 翻身道情
David Farquhar: Dance Suite from 'Ring Around the Moon'
Dvořák: String Quartet No 12 in F major Op 96 'American'
Huanzhi Li: Spring Festival Overture