...The explanation, then second performance of the Tornyai made it much more approachable. Well done! And the Schubert! We came especially to hear it and you were splendid. Many thanks....
(Concertgoer, Palmerston North, 4/10/12)

An Ode to the Moon - Celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

A free concert of music from China & New Zealand to celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This concert is organised and sponsored by the China Cultural Centre in New Zealand.

Sunday, October 1 2017, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Aroha String Quartet
arr. A Ke-Jian & Zheng De-Ren 又称陕北道情 , 阿克俭,郑德仁改编: Song of Emancipation 翻身道情
arr. Xiao-Zhi Huang 黄晓芝编: Camel Bell 驼铃
arr. Xiao-Zhi Huang 黄晓芝编: Song from the Heart 心中的歌
arr. Xiao-Zhi Huang 黄晓芝编: Happy Harvest 庆丰收
Anthony Ritchie: Whakatipua
Yuan-Kai Bao 鲍元恺: Three Folk Miniatures 小曲三首
Ding Shan-De: Reflection of the moon in the Er-quan spring 二泉映月(丁善德编曲)
David Farquhar: Dance Suite from 'Ring Around the Moon'
arr. Zhu Jian-Er & Shi Yong-Kang: The Whitehaired Girl 白毛女(施永康, 朱践耳改编)
Zhou Long 周龙: Eight Chinese Folk Songs 中国民歌八首